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And Fate

You in your bikini - me in my surfer jams -
Should be at the beach, digging our toes in the sand.
We'd play in the surf and look for perfect shells,
As we go hand in hand.

But when I go to phone you, my heart skips a beat.
And then my palms start sweating,
'Cause I'm getting cold feet.

Will you say Yes? Will you say No?
Will you leave me hanging high and dry?

I'm going to call you, going to call you Monday.
Or maybe I'll wait, better wait 'til Tuesday
Wednesday - Wednesday at the latest,
I'm going to call you - I'm going to call you.

I dial your number and I get your machine.
I wait for the tone, then I speak.
You call my cell phone, but I'm out of range,
And you're out of town for a week!

And so I send you e-mail, then I wait.
When no mail I'm getting,
I start fretting, 'til, at last...

You said "Yes!"
Who would've guessed?

All we've got to do now, is set the date.
How about a week from, a week from Sunday?
What about two weeks? Two weeks from Monday?
First of the month? Well, let me see,
Looks like it's going to work for me!

Our efforts to connect are coming to fruition
Nothing's going to spoil our seaside expedition?
Not sunburn or sand Flies!
Jellyfish or grey Skies!

Everything will be just swell.
Hear me when I say...

I'm going to be hangin' at the beach with you.
I can hardly wait!
We'll build a fire and watch the sunset, too.
And as for what next will be,
Between you and me,
I'll trust the moon and the sea, and fate.