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To help performers and producers looking for songs, here is a partial list of Paul's songs, with brief descriptions. Studio recordings of songs marked with an asterisk * are available on the Make Like a Prince CD.


An uptempo jazz ditty about insecurity and taking the first steps in a new relationship.


A relaxed, bluesy swing number sung by a sinner planning to schmooze his way past Saint Peter into heaven.


A Christmas song in the spirit of "Santa Baby." The song swings gently as the singer cajoles Santa into filling her stocking.


A vampy song, filled with innuendo and double entendre. The singer tells her prospective lover, "The door is open - Come On In!"

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From the new musical, "Lord Arthur's Crime", this is a darkly funny novelty number for Herr Winkelkopf, the bomb-maker.


  • The First Time Never Gets the Job Done *
A funny, rollicking boogie-woogie song about how history shows us that it always takes a couple of tries to get things right.


A quiet, pensive ballad about a relationship where one partner is much more deeply in love than the other.


A gentle jazz shuffle with a Parisian feel, where the singer anticipates the delights of an upcoming trip to Paris.


A satirical rumba about global warming and general cluelessness.


Originally titled, "Think of What Could Happen," the song ridicules the prejudice against same-sex marriage. The style goes back and forth between a sweet, lyrical waltz and low-down dirty blues.


A medium-swing rumination on whether the benefits of getting older are worth the price.


A song of outrage against the senseless gang violence in San Francisco. Latin beat.


The tag line, "Make Like a Prince or jump back in the pond," says it all. The style is jazzy, uptempo and swinging. The song's point of view comes across as gay when it's sung by a man, or straight when sung by a woman.


A country swing in the tradition of "my dog died, my wife left and my truck won't start."


An uptempo song that really swings. The singer laments that he and his lover are polar opposites in every way.


A low-down bluesy visit to a strip joint. The first part of the song is sung by the stripper, the next part by the customer and the final part is a duet. On the "Make Like a Prince" CD, both parts are sung by men. It also works as a male/female duet.


A big, loud declaration of independence, inspired by the movie, Dreamgirls. Opening with a gospel feel, the song builds to a driving R&B beat.


Arming teachers to protect our students - what could possibly go wrong?


A gently swinging jazz song about the daydreaming adventures of a man trapped in corporate America.


Mr Pestle's song about poisons from the musical, Lord Arthur's Crime


A satirical swan song for the George W. Bush Administration, written in the style of a college fight song.


A slow jazz ballad with a classic torch song feel.


A slow, sad and haunting song inspired by the movie, Brokeback Mountain.


A Texas roadhouse rock number about the tribulations of calling in for tech. support.