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Come On, Santa

Dear Santa, I have such a problem
I'm feeling unloved and forlorn.
I've a nice Christmas tree, but as you can see,
My branches are quite unadorned.

I know you're the one who can help me
I feel it down deep in my bones.
I'll be ready for you
When you slide down my flue.
Just bring me a few precious stones.

C'mon Santa, decorate my tree!
It doesn't have a single accessory.
It should glitter; it should sparkle in the candle light.
So Santa, bring me the bling,
and we'll do the thing right.

C'mon Santa, decorate my tree!
Naked limbs offend my sense of modesty.
I need a wrap to cover up, Santa, don't you think?
And what would I suggest?
Huh, I think mink.

Don't you ever bring me ornaments of glass!
Costume jewelry's got no class.
You need to bring me the real thing,
Like a string of pearls, and a diamond ring.

C'mon Santa, decorate my tree!
It's the least you can do for a girl like me.
Naughty or nice?
It's not so black or white, 'cause Santa,
Naughty's the Nicest way to keep warm at night!

Please Mr. Santa, won't you decorate my tree?
The spirit of Christmas is awakened in me
Christmas is for families, so I've been told.

And well, ...

Nothin' says family like a band of gold!

C'mon Santa, decorate my tree!
You be the giver, I'll be the givee.

I think we've had enough delay,
Let's get this program underway.
I need my minimum RDA
Of trinkets from Cartier.

Nothin' says "te amo" like shoes from Ferragamo.
But with no platinum card in your palm,
You're no better than any Dick, Harry or Tom!
I want the whole enchilada -
Take me shopping at Prada!


C'mon Santa Daddy, decorate my tree!