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Everything's Going to Be All Right

Everything’s going to be all right.  It will - you’ll see,
That’s what a father says to a son.
But the world’s turned around, and now I’m the one
To tell you the words, even though I know they’re not true.
And still I say them.  What else can I do?

Everything’s going to be all right.  That is my prayer.
Time’s running backwards.  A child’s in your chair.
But he’s wearing your face, your silvery hair.
Trembling with rage at the things he no longer can do.
Searching for words.   Once so many.  Now so few.

How can the world just keep on turning?
The sun up above seems so unconcerned, as if he didn’t know.
How can I escape this last lesson I’m learning from you?
I do not  want to learn how to let go.
Papa please … don’t make me learn
How to let go.

Everything’s going to be all right.  It has to be.
Will you do like your father, and decide when it’s time to go?
Or fight it to the very end, resisting the undertow?
Or just sit in your rocking chair, ‘til you don’t even know
Who I am.    Who you are.    Who we were.

Everything’s going to be all right.   In the end.