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Who’s always there for me, when I’m feeling blue?
Who will I turn to, when I turn away from you?
Who am I craving?  Who satisfies?
And who is the only one who never tells me no lies?
HD  .  .  . He is so sweet to me.

My momma said, “Stay away, son. Don’t risk your heart.”
But the tears in her eyes said she’d realized she could never keep us apart.
Some call him cold.  He gives them the chills.
But the chills he gives me chase away all of my ills.
HD  .  .  . He is so sweet to me.

I’m gonna’ love him with my lips.  Tease him with my tongue.
And when we two are through, you know this boy’s bell will be rung!
I’m gonna’ open up his carton. Ride my spoon down  his Rocky Road.
Indulge in some crème brulée  therapy to lighten my psychic load.
HD  .  .  . He is so sweet to me.

Dark Chocolate or java chip?  I don’t have to decide.
With a spoon in each fist and no will to resist, I’ll just sit here and open wide.
Was there ever a Häagen?  Was there ever a Dazs? 
When faced with existential questions, I break out the chocolate sauce.
HD  .  .  . He is so sweet to me.

And when that day comes, his flavors seem “old hat,”
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ? Pralines and Cream? - Been there; done that.
Will I leave him behind me? That’s something I’d never do.
We’ll do what must be done to make it exciting and new.

We’ll throw off the chains of propriety and set ourselves free.
Instead of just two, we’ll make it with three.

Just me,  HD, and Sara Lee

Ooh, ooh, ooh, Sara Lee   [repeat and fade]
Sara Lee.