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I Want to Sit Where Sartre Sat

Philosophers and poets have long called Paris home.
Famous chefs and writers, the Paris streets still roam.
We have never been there.
Why? I can't explain.
Now our kids are off to college, and we're taking the next plane.

I Want to Sit Where Sartre Sat.
We'll sip espressos, and we'll chat
About life's emptiness and misery.

We'll see that Moulin Rouge.
We're going to drive there in our Peugot.
That's French for "car" - take it from me.

We'll head down to the Louvre.
All those pictures!
You'll say you feel like you've been swept back into history.

We'll see Mona Lisa's Smile.
We'll hang with Mona, for a while.
Mona Lisa will be smiling 'cause she's looking at you and me.

We'll dine on French Cuisine.
Gourmet meals, and in between,
Pastries, chocolates, goodies 'til our buttons burst.

But we'll just keep on eatin'.
'Cause around every corner's a treat,
And to leave a sweet treat uneaten - that would be the worst!

You'll shop for haute couture.
Endless fittings, you'll endure.
'Til at last you're ready to star in your own fashion show.

We'll climb the Eiffel Tower,
And pass the sunset hour
Watching lights come on all across the city below.

You'll put on your best gown.
And we'll step out on the town.
We're going to dance 'til two, like Rodgers and Astaire.

We'll find a late night brasserie,
And eat oysters - you and me.
We'll make romance, Parisian style, in the cool night air.

We'll walk home along the Seine.
I'll look into your eyes, and then,
I'll say "Je t'aime!"
You'll Say "Ditto for me!"

Our trip, it'll be so grand,
In a snap we'll have the next one planned.
'Cause we can't wait,
No, no, we can't wait.
We just can't wait to get back ... to Paree.