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If People Like Me Marry

(Original Title: Think of What Could Happen)

Think of what could happen, if people like me marry.
The world might come to an end.
Even worse, it might not.
And where would we be then?

Think of what could happen if I'm allowed to marry.
God forbid - we might move in next door!
And live our wicked lifestyle for all to see.
Guerilla fighters in the cultural war.

Peek into our window at sunrise - you'll see us engage in oral hygiene.
And then buck naked, we shower.

With careful observation of our cohabitation,
You'll see us go to work, mow the grass, raise our kids, and pay the rent.

If you sneak into our cellar, you could watch us strip ... furniture.
Or see us soaked to the skin, washing the dog.

When you observe our aberrational living situation you'll see us
Feed the cat, clean its box, pull the weeds, wash our sox,
Have a beer, clean the house, watch TV with our spouse:
A lifestyle so familiar, you'll wonder why they call us bent.

What if your eyes tell you that your preacher and your family,
And all those who taught you were wrong?

What if you discover the moral compass they gave you
Is just a dial with a needle painted on?

Will you trust your own heart to tell you right from wrong?

Where will you find the strength to stand apart from those who
love you?

Think of what will happen, now I'm allowed to marry (when people like me marry)
The world might come to an end.
Even worse, it might not.
And where will we be? - I know where I'll be.
But where will you be then?