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Leave My Soul Alone (And Let Me Sin in Peace)

When I was just a boy, I went to Sunday school.
They told me what to believe, and treated me like a fool.
The music was insipid, even for a boy of six.
Like oil and water, Presbyterians and I didn’t mix.

I was too young, to sin, I wouldn’t even know how.
Wouldn’t know a moral challenge from the backside of a cow.
My knowledge of debauchery I needed to increase
So I said, “Leave My Soul Alone, and Let Me Sin In Peace.”

I was hangin’ out in college, came a knock on the door.
The girl was “Takin’ a survey,” she said, “Nothing more.”
But when she asked me if I’d like to meet God personally,
I knew that she was from the God Squad, and her target was me.

College is a time when you need to explore
Your light side and your dark side, so I showed her the door.
Where she saw black and white, I saw ambiguity.
So I said, “Leave My Soul Alone, and Let Me Sin In Peace.”

The dinner invitation arrived one day.
They said, “You’ll meet some new friends who’ll drive your blues away.”
They seemed suspiciously friendly, truth be told,
But when I learned they were Moonies, my blood ran cold.

Life in a cult, it has no appeal.
They tell you what to think.  They tell you what to feel.
If I stayed, I knew their hold on me would only increase,
So I said, “Leave My Soul Alone, and Let Me Sin In Peace.”

“Let’s go to a concert – It’ll be great!”
He failed to mention we’d be chanting for three hours straight:
Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, the crowd sang so devoutly,
They reached a higher plane, but they took the trip without me.

I should’ve known seein’ the crowd lined up in the street.
Every goddam one had Bierkenstocks on their feet.
This was not my tribe, it was clear to me,
So I said, “Leave My Soul Alone, and Let Me Sin In Peace.”

The Pope says homosexuality is a sin.
If I express my love, Hell’s where I’ll be checkin’ in.
I tried it his way for years, playin’ it straight.
I learned you cannot love your neighbor if your own self you hate.

Excuse me Mr. Church-man, but you don’t know jack.
And you shouldn’t be surprised when I turn my back
On all of your preachin’ ‘bout how my life should be.
So just Leave My Soul Alone, and Let Me Sin In Peace.

Leave My Soul Alone, and Let Me Love In Peace.