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Look But Don't Touch

Hey pretty boy,  standin’ there
Ripped abs    sun-bleached hair.
You’re on your fourth cosmo while I’m drinkin’ Sprite.
Cupid’s arrow won’t find us tonight.

Hey handsome man, salt and pepper hair.
How about we go somewhere?
You’re older than me,  but I’m too old for you.
Seems you’re cruisin’ for twenty-two.

Feels like somethin’s wrong here.
Like I don’t be-long here.
It’s not how vacation should be.
In the middle of the banquet,
The one who’s starvin’ is me!

I’m lookin’ low . . . I’m lookin’ high.
I’ve worked this boat from stem to stern but I’ve come up dry.

Hey guy with the killer smile,
Let’s hang out and talk for a while.
Oh, and this is your partner? . . . How nice.
Welcome to … paradise.

Beautiful bodies, bronzed by the sun.
They’re all around me, but that special one,
He never appeared, maybe I asked for too much.
. . . For me it’s Look But Don’t Touch

It may be fun for party boys and such.
But for me it’s Look But Don’t Touch.