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Trolley to Nowhere

We are trapped in this meeting.
I'm bored to tears.
I can't wait to retire,
In another 30 years.

They think I'm taking notes,
But I'm lost in reverie,
Plotting our escape from all responsibility.

Let's take a trolley to Nowhere.
We'll ride to the end of the line.
With our troubles far behind us,
Where nobody can find us,
Just you and me . . . so fine!

Let's sail a boat on the ocean.
Let's chart a course for "lost."
We'll sail over the horizon,
Under starry skies, and
On the seas of fate, we'll be tossed.

We'll wash ashore on a desert island,
And live like castaways.
Then we'll be rescued by a passing ship,
And hit port in a couple of days.

In a dark alley down by the docks,
We'll cut a deal that'll make us rich.

But when we go to make the drop,
We'll see we were set up by a cop,
We'll give him the slip, continue our trip,
Outwit that copper, jump in our chopper
And fly!

Let's take a trolley to nowhere.
We'll ride to the end of the line.

Each time we take a fine vacation in my imagination,

You know it makes me wonder:
Something's gone asunder.

I can imagine us taking the world on,
Together without a doubt.
But I can't imagine my finding the courage
... to ask you out!