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We're Fighting

We're fighting to make your government smaller,
But we're spending more than ever before.
We're fighting to get rid of regulation.
Ken Lay told us we don't need it anymore.

We're fighting, day and night, to preserve your freedom,
Finding better ways to spy on you.
We're fighting for the rights of embryos, why?
So on Election Day our friends will come through.

We're fighting to restore trust in government.
Saddam's nukes were only "sort of" a lie.
We're fighting for traditional family values,
Though the Cheneys and the Roves don't qualify.

We're fighting to make a brighter future
So our kids can pay off what we spend today.
We're fighting to keep God in the pledge of allegiance.
Judge us not by what we do but what we say!

We're fighting to keep the airwaves decent.
Jerry Springer's dignity will be preserved.
We're fighting so we can drill more oil.
We will drive the SUVs we all deserve.

We'll fight to fix our schools with national standards.
We want schools just like the French and Japanese.
We're fighting to preserve the environment,
Except for water, air, animals ... and trees.

We're fighting so all jobs will pay a living wage.
OK, we haven't got to that one yet.
As for fighting so our sick will get the care they need,
We'll get to that real soon, ... you bet!

No need to fight for jobs where factories have shut down -
Unemployment's good for productivity.
But we'll fight soon to earn back respect around the world.
Iraq's just a little setback ... you'll see!

We're fighting to protect your free speech rights.
Of course we call our critics traitors, but hey!
We're fighting to assert the rule of law around the world,
Everywhere! ... except Guantanamo Bay.

We're fighting to tell you what you want to hear.
Lower taxes, we'll promise, yessiree!
We're fighting to get ourselves re-elected.
Because that's how the system works - for me!