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Make Like a Prince is a debut collection of songs written by Paul James Frantz. Built on a jazz / cabaret foundation, the songs on this sampler CD branch out into a variety of styles. The topics range from traditional torch songs to politics, mortality, dysfunctional relationships and the absurdity of modern life. Paul's wry humor shines throughout. There are songs about both gay and straight relationships. The message comes through that at the end of the day, it's all the same.

Most of the songs on the CD feature Paul's vocals. Chavé Alexander performs "C'mon Santa" (track 5) and "Taking Charge of My Dream" (track 13). Shannon Koon joins Paul for a duet on "Slidin' Scale" (track 4). The singers perform with a jazz trio.

Track List

1. And Fate
2. Make Like a Prince
3. At the Pearly Gate
4. Slidin' Scale
5. Come On, Santa
6. The First Time Never Gets The Job Done
7. You Don't Know Nothin' About It
8. If People Like Me Marry
9. I Want to Sit Where Sartre Sat
10. Poles Apart
11. Where's Mister Sandman?
12. I Say, "I Know"
13. Taking Charge of My Dream



Paul James Frantz Vocals
Chavé Alexander Vocals on "C'mon Santa" and "Taking Charge of My Dream"
Shannon Koon Vocal duet with Paul on "Slidin' Scale"
Sean Bart Piano, Keyboards
Josh Srabo Bass
Taylor Still Percussion
Annelise Zamula Tenor sax, flute, soprano sax
Dave Miotke Accordion



The CD was recorded in 2008 at Laughing Tiger Studio in San Rafael by recording engineers Matt Cohen and Rick Vargas. It was mixed by Matt Cohen and mastered by Mike Bemesderfer. Production was by Paul James Frantz and Candace Forest. Sean Bart was the music director.


Graphic Design

The cover art, disc art and packaging were created by Deborah Hopping.

The cover art incorporates an image used with permission of Jupiterimages Corporation.